APRA to Impose Strict Cyber Security Rules

Data Protection continues to be a subject of sweeping legal reforms and public concern, both in Australia and internationally. Last month, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) followed suit when it finalised its new prudential standard designed to shore up information security across the finance industry. The new standard, CPS 234, will come into effect [...]

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Oops, Wrong Recipient

What to Do Under New Data Breach Laws There is no sound more cringe-worthy than the ‘whoosh’ of a misdirected email. As of today, that moment of realization- the moment the email escapes your outbox and takes with it all the air from your lungs - will be even more agonizing. Under the Notifiable Data [...]

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Uber’s cover up – a prime example of what not to do under the forthcoming ‘notifiable data breaches’ amendment

Uber has been subject to a data hack of colossal proportions which it attempted to sweep under the carpet by paying ransom to the hackers. The data, which contained the names, email addresses and mobile numbers of some 57 million users, was stolen from a third-party cloud server used by Uber. The incident raises several [...]

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