Prickly Partners – Business Partnerships Checklist

Not getting along with your business partner and don’t feel like you have any options?  Often people are company directors, shareholders, and employees in the one business and the interplay of rights and obligations associated with these roles can be quite complicated. We have recently resolved a number of disputes and negotiated partnership agreements for clients [...]

Government Investigation into Superannuation Guarantee Compliance

In efforts to tackle employer non-payment of the superannuation guarantee (SG), a new government working group has been established including representatives from the Australian Tax Office, Treasury, the Department of Employment,, the Department of Employment, ASIC and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.  This working group is expected to release a final report in March which [...]

Uber’s GST Fight with ATO over for now

Uber has recently lost an 18 month battle with the ATO where the Federal Court ruled that Uber ARE a taxi service.  What this means is that Uber drivers, whether they are full time or only casual, will have to pay 10% GST to the ATO on top of the 25% commission to Uber. Uber’s [...]

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