My competitor has copied my website content. Can I stop them?

As bricks and mortar businesses pivot to online models during the pandemic, the temptation to ‘borrow’ content from a competitor’s site in order to get a head start is ever-present. The unfortunate result is that many businesses who have invested heavily in the development of their online marketing strategy can suffer unfair incursions from copycat [...]

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Who Owns the Business Name – A Lesson for Business

The art deco doors of the Paragon café remained open throughout two world wars, three transfers of business and multiple financial crises. Now, despite purchase offers in multiples of the owner's asking price, the business's 102 years of operation is set for a tragic end. What/who could be responsible for the death of such a [...]

.au Domain Name Reforms Spell Trouble for Businesses

The ‘.au’ says a lot about a website. It indicates that a website is local and accountable under Australian law. Accordingly, it invites the trust and business of local and international web users. Now, the .au Domain Administration (auDA), is proposing radical reforms which may undermine the legitimacy of the .au suffix and expose established [...]

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Intellectual Property and Meta Tags; Three Lessons for Businesses

Suppose you totter home from a boozy night only to discover that you have lost your keys. Equipped with a smartphone, you Google the words “24/7 locksmith”. The search yields a list of locksmiths all eager for your business. According to rudimentary statistics, you have a 33% chance of clicking the first listed site, a [...]