Changes to Insolvency Laws Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

As many may have heard over the past 24 hours, the federal government will essentially be placing a moratorium on insolvent trading laws in a bid to help eligible businesses manage the economic challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The Morrison government will increase the threshold at which a creditor can issue a statutory demand (for [...]

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Prickly Partners – Business Partnerships Checklist

Not getting along with your business partner and don’t feel like you have any options?  Often people are company directors, shareholders, and employees in the one business and the interplay of rights and obligations associated with these roles can be quite complicated. We have recently resolved a number of disputes and negotiated partnership agreements for clients [...]

Personal Guarantees: Only fools rush in!

Personal guarantees have become a common part of many commercial transactions, often being provided by company directors and their spouses or relatives. However, in our experience, the extent of such guarantees are often misunderstood and can create unexpected consequences when businesses experience financial difficulty. In extreme circumstances, they can be the cause of relationship breakdowns [...]