Do Your Casual Employees Have the Right to Convert to Permanent Employment?

Currently there are a number of modern awards which include a casual conversion clause which broadly provides employees with the right to convert to permanent employment if employed on a regular and systematic basis, for a period of 6 or 12 months (depending on the award). The Fair Work Commission has recently finalised a model [...]

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The OHS dangers of flexible working arrangements and how to avoid them

When does an Accounting Firm owe a duty with respect to occupational health and safety to employees who work from home? What are those duties? What can or should an accounting firm do to fulfil any obligation owed to employees who work from home? Do the employer’s obligations differ, and if so how, when the [...]

Will your ‘zero-tolerance policy’ withstand the scrutiny of the Fair Work Commission?

A behaviour that is perfectly acceptable in one workplace may be cause for summary dismissal in another. Take the use of a mobile phone - it’s expected of an office worker, but it is typically forbidden in the context of a food production line. The rulebook was crystal clear in the case of the Fresh [...]

Employee claims $1.8M from boss, ‘Mr Stinky’, for farting – The Law of Workplace Bullying

I was sceptical when an article with a similar headline and a suspicious publication date (April 1st) pedalled its way through social media. In response, I did precisely what one would expect of a mature, inquisitive lawyer- I conducted a search of the Australasian Legal Information Institute, keyword: fart. My search returned a surprising number [...]