Termination of ABC’s Managing Director – Potential Legal Claims

The recent crisis plaguing the ABC following the shock sacking of managing director, Michelle Guthrie, has thrown the spotlight on some important considerations that employers must keep in mind when terminating the employment of senior executives. If you’ve been following the dramatic events at the national broadcaster, you will know that Ms Guthrie has engaged [...]

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Employment Law Case Study: Unlawful Dismissal

Terminating employees during their probation period can still result in damages if the general protections provisions of the Fair Work Act are breached Terminating employees who are not suitable for the business during the probationary period is a sensible thing to do, however, employees may still be able to claim that their employer breached the [...]

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Director Personal Liability for Employee Entitlements

In this recent Federal Circuit Court decision the court ordered the director to personally pay compensation and penalties for his involvement in underpayment of award entitlements. This is another example of the court’s looking behind the corporate veil to hold individual directors accountable for their company’s conduct. It is important that employers are alert to their obligations [...]

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