Do Your Casual Employees Have the Right to Convert to Permanent Employment?

Currently there are a number of modern awards which include a casual conversion clause which broadly provides employees with the right to convert to permanent employment if employed on a regular and systematic basis, for a period of 6 or 12 months (depending on the award). The Fair Work Commission has recently finalised a model [...]

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Will your ‘zero-tolerance policy’ withstand the scrutiny of the Fair Work Commission?

A behaviour that is perfectly acceptable in one workplace may be cause for summary dismissal in another. Take the use of a mobile phone - it’s expected of an office worker, but it is typically forbidden in the context of a food production line. The rulebook was crystal clear in the case of the Fresh [...]

Domestic Violence Leave and Employer Obligations

“I was provided with 12 days paid sick leave per annum and I used all my sick leave each year.  We were together and I sometimes took the occasional leave day when I ran out of sick leave.  Mondays were the main day I took sick leave because on many occasions on a Sunday night [...]

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When a CV Gets You Fired: The Consequences of Fraudulently Misrepresenting Skills, Qualifications and Experience

A friend of mine, who spent one summer reupholstering worn movie seats, proudly held the title ‘chairman of the cinema’. Indeed, when it comes to CV building we are all guilty of some degree of puffery or embellishment. The Fair Work Commission is yet to fully thresh the boundary between CV ‘padding’, which is often [...]

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