What’s Mine is Yours! Owning Your IP in the Gig Economy

A huge benefit to start-ups and established business alike has been the advent of the gig economy: lower cost, remote, ready and willing workers with unique skill sets that are ideal for one-off engagements.  This revolution has aided in the realisation of some great ideas where previously idea originators lacked the know-how, resources or time [...]

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Who Owns the Business Name – A Lesson for Business

The art deco doors of the Paragon café remained open throughout two world wars, three transfers of business and multiple financial crises. Now, despite purchase offers in multiples of the owner's asking price, the business's 102 years of operation is set for a tragic end. What/who could be responsible for the death of such a [...]

Design Registration

A recent boom in the sports apparel market has seen leading companies register a range of designs with IP Australia in an effort to better protect their intellectual property rights. As IP Australia have usefully summarised, design registration is intended to protect designs which have an industrial or commercial use. A design refers to the features [...]

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